Web researcher with interests in economics and politics, particularly how these impact on the world in general and the UK in particular. In addition, the ethos and morality of political structures, especially those that claim to espouse democracy.

I am a retired civil servant – a more apt description than that of a retired engineer – although I did have an engineering role in the UK Civil Service.

This site is where I compose my posts and is my library for their storage. I try to write posts that can be read without having to open any of the links that I include. However, the included links, while essentially for my own reference, are (I would claim) always interesting. I am careful to choose links that I think will last and which, as far as possible, provide leads to my train of thought.

Posts that I compose here are usually reposted on My Telegraph, which gets a larger readership and (usually) some comments. In addition I repost to a Facebook page.

My thoughts are most easily found in my correspondence with ‘Grasshopper‘. If this allusion is lost on you, then research grasshopper – Kung FuDavid Carradine.

If you feel compelled to get serious about any of my ‘categories ‘ on this site then ask Aasof here on the post that interests you. If you want to get ‘really technical’ about engineering and technology, you may like to visit Aasof.

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