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QUIZ – Barons and Bishops

A quiz to satisfy those who know the answers and those who may need to do some web – or other -research.

1. The first barons’ document led to the second barons’ surrender, with the authority of a Royal House restored and the beginning of a nation’s parliamentary sovereignty.

  1. What was the document?
  2. Where was the surrender?
  3. Which Royal House?
  4. Which nation’s parliament? Continue reading

QUIZ – Don’t Panic

Here is an attempt to make an ‘easier’ quiz, but as I said in my post – Internet Quizzesthese are general knowledge quizzes; the key element to solving the quiz is an ability to carry out a simple on line search and to recognise the search results that lead to solving the questions. To try and keep it simple the key search words are embedded in each question and the clues are not ‘cryptic’. I have kept the search requirements such that appropriate web page results should appear on the first page of any search.

Of course, you may already know the answers! 😕 Continue reading